Casa degli Atellani

Casa degli Atellani

Corso Magenta 65
MM1/MM2 Cadorna, MM1 Conciliazione, MM2 S. Ambrogio

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The Casa degli Atellani (Atellani House) is one of the most beautiful 5th century buildings in Milan, which belonged to the Della Tela family, courtiers and diplomats who worked for the earls of Milan, Ludovico il Moro and the Sforza family. In 1490 il Moro gave the family two “case a corte” (typical milanese structure for houses overlooking a courtyard garden) located on the street now called Corso Magenta.

After having belonged to several owners along the centuries, the house became property of the Conti family who had the whole building restored by architect Piero Portaluppi in 1922 who widely modified the aspect of the house, discovering its original frescoes.

Portaluppi invented a single house by combining the two existing courts  through a new  porch in the atrium.

The rooms of this house are wonderful. You should not miss its decorated floors and the British style garden made of symmetrical games, leading to the vineyard which once belonged to Leonardo da Vinci.



Official site: Casa degli Atellani


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