Deposito tram ATM

Deposito tram ATM

Via Messina, 14

MM1 Cordusio, get tram 14 (direction Cimitero Monumentale) for 6 stops and get to Via Bramante-Via Sarpi stop, then walk 350 metres

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is not the only building featuring a marvellous iron and glass roof in Milan.

In 1912 the first streetcars recovery area by ATM (the public transports company) was built following the same dictates. Located next to the Fabbrica del Vapore building, this is an enormous glazed hangar hosting up to 150 vehicles.

Tram amateurs may also be interested in visiting Via Custodi (Ticinese district) tram recovery area dating back to 1885 when the Anonymous Society of Omnibus built a huge hangar to host the very first horse-powered streetcars.



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