Duomo (the Cathedral)

Duomo (the Cathedral)

Piazza Duomo
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Photo tips

  • The façade,
  • the roof
  • the view from the roof
  • bizarre marble animals, objects and statues all around the building
  • special view from the Ufficio del Comune in Piazza Duomo
  • Possible hashtag in addition to those suggested: #MilanCathedral
  • #amongspires

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WARNING: in Italy taking pics inside churches and museums is often prohibited.

More info

Milan Cathedral is the symbol of the city with its golden Madonna (Madonnina) on top.

According to the tradition, buildings in Milan may not be higher than the Madonnina, therefore, until few years ago, any time a new skyscraper was built, a copy of the statue was placed on the top of the new building.

The first time was in 1960 at the Pirellone, which has been the only skyscraper in town for long. In 2011, another copy of the Madonnina has been placed on the roof of Palazzo della Regione. A special song is dedicated to the “Madunina” (Milanese dialect for “small Madonna”); its author, Giovanni D’Anzi, is remembered with a commemorative plaque in Galleria del Corso (right behind the Cathedral).

Terraces of the Cathedral are accessible either by 257 steps or by lift. The view from the top amongst spires is definitely worth the effort. (Ticket price: we have a 50% discount to get #ontheroof by lift paying 7€ or on foot paying 4€ – showing your #instameetitalia5 bracelet).

Inside the Cathedral, in the first span of the right aisle there’s a so-called “Nivola”, a rudimental lift shaped as a silver cloud, today working electrically, which allows the archbishop to reach a special reliquary guarding one of the nails used in the crucifixion of Christ.

All around the building you can find curious objects carved in marble. Will you be able to find a pair of boxing gloves, a roman helmet, a fez, a tennis racket, an ax with wire rope and climbing boots, a baby dinosaur and a pigeon? Special bonus if you can also find the statues representing the famous boxeur, Primo Carnera, and the greatest Poet, Dante Alighieri.

Approximately every 100 years the Cathedral needs restorations and large areas of marble decorations are perfectly reproduced and replaced to keep the Cathedral safe. In fact, the Candoglia marble is extremely porous. The spires are some of the most fragile architectural elements of the Cathedral and “Get your Spire, carve your name in History” is the project appealing to citizens from all over the world to support their maintenance; donors have the chance of carve their name in the history of Milan Cathedral and its 135 spires.


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