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By partnering with Wonderway and  Guide Me Right, the # instameetitalia5 is enriched with 6 itineraries to discover 6 districts of the city.


Navigli district and lunch with Enrico – powered by Guide Me Right

MEETING POINT: at 10:00 – in front of La Triennale

“From Parco Sempione to Mercato Metropolitano, from the greatest monuments to the smallest churches hidden in Milan’s narrow and unknown alleys”

imageLet’s go through Parco Sempione and reach Castello Sforzesco, cross via Dante and stop in Piazza dei Mercanti in front of Palazzo della Ragione where traces of the legendary founding of Milan are still present. Let’s walk then to the Cathedral and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, suddenly running into … the Pantheon? How is it the Pantheon’s moved from Rome? Well, that’s not the Pantheon. This is St. Charles (Chiesa di San Carlo). From here we turn into Via dei Servi to see the remains of the Roman Herculean Baths, emerged to surface due to World War II bombings. We continue on our way and we go where the poor human remains that are left in peace everywhere, here have been exposed for centuries to be a monument to the living in San Bernardino alle Ossa. Next stop is “Cà Granda”, the largest and most modern hospital of ancient times, founded the same year when Leonardo was born. Physically close but chronologically distant is the Torre Velasca, from where we will continue our journey touching S. Giovanni in Conca (literally meaning a “shell” in Latin, but why referring to sealife in Milan?). Here we give a quick glance to the Cavalieri Hotel first, then to the headquarters of the Italian Touring Club, and finally digress through the narrow streets of the center bearing down behind San Lorenzo, where we find the statue of Emperor Costantino and the famous Colonne. Let’s move on to the green Park of the Basilicas to see Sant’Eustorgio from an unusual perspective, and from here we can easily reach Piazza XXIV Maggio (reminding us of this year’s actual centenary of the World War One). The brand new Darsena is just behind the Gate. Once a commercial port, now a Milanese “seaside” movida centre. The stomach growls, but we’re almost there. Before we take a look at Vicolo dei Lavandai, and at “Santa Maria delle Grazie Del Naviglio” and finally we reach the Metropolitan Market.

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From Parco Sempione to post industrial Milan with Giulia – powered by Wonderway

MEETING POINT: at 10:00 – in front of La Triennale

TriennaleLeaving the Triennale from its back door, we enter its beautiful garden, rich in sculptures and installations, amongst which the “Mysterious Baths” by De Chirico and Mendini’s small theatre are a must. Walking in Parco Sempione, we easily see Torre Branca above us: we’re approaching Arco della Pace where we can take a picture altogether and then look for unusual details in its surrounding houses.
Next stop is our coloured Chinatown where the remainings of Industrial Milan are still evident, especially in the Fabbrica del Vapore and in the nearby streetcars recovery area, dating back to 1912.
We’ll be then saying goodbye in front of Cimitero Monumentale - prior to a visit to see Milan from up via Ceresio 7 – where we’ll leave you free to enter this open air museum and admire the sculpted graves of very well known Italians, carved by the greatest contemporary Italian artists.

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Piazza Gae Aulenti, San Marco and Brera with Francesca – powered by Guide Me Right

MEETING POINT: at 15:00 – in front of Garibaldi Railway Station Entrance

“A journey between art and architecture from the past to the present. We’ll find a wheatfield in town and an unforgettable kiss. We’ll see Garibaldi Railway Station new look and the ancient but always fascinating Brera Art Gallery”


We’ll meet at Garibaldi Railway Station and move towards Piazza Gae Aulenti, which has become the icon of the new Milan. We’ll have the chance to interact with Alberto Garutti’s masterpiece and choose new interesting details of these contemporary buildings, from Torre Cesar Pelli (Unicredit Tower) to Bosco Verticale (a real vertical wood), to instagram. Next stops are Porta Nuova, reachable through a new bridge, and the Wheatfield installation, up to new Palazzo della Regione. Back to Piazza Gae Aulenti we’ll then move towards the city centre stopping for a pic at the new Cino Zucchi residences. The brand new pedestrian passage leads to Corso Como 10, the heart of fashion and design: you’re likely to find here all that’s trendy. Our walk inside contemporary Milan ends up at Porta Garibaldi where the building of ex Teatro Smeraldo is today home to Eataly, a mall dedicated to Italian gastronomic excellence.

Once we’ve crossed Garibaldi Gate our journey enters history and our first stop is at Chiostri di San Simpliciano inside the Brera district, walking on Ponte delle Gabelle in via San Marco to see how Milan was like before its canals network (Navigli) was buried. Our walk will end up at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, a symbol for Milan; in the omonimous Pinacoteca we’ll have the chance to admire Il Bacio (The Kiss), the famous painting by Francesco Hayez. Not only that. Inside this building we’ll also visit one of the biggest Italian Libraries, the Biblioteca Braidense and we’ll pass through the Orto Botanico to take a pic to the famous ancient ginkgo biloba, which have always been representing this location.

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Porta Venezia and Via Palestro with Elena – powered by Guide Me Right

MEETING POINT: at 15:00 – in front of Venezia Gelateria (icecream shop) at 12, Piazza Oberdan (MM1 Porta Venezia)

“Discover and take a pic to the most beautiful and unexpected Liberty style houses in Milan and… take a selfie for those who may be “hard of hearing”

casa galimberti2

Let’s discover façades and curious corners in this unique Milan district. We’ll meet in Piazza Oberdan in front of Porta Venezia and from there we’ll reach Palazzo Luraschi, whose beautiful courtyard speaks “Promessi Sposi” (all the protagonists of the novel are carved in statues you may want to take a pic to).

After that, we’ll reach Via Malpighi to shoot the most beautiful Liberty style houses in town, eg. Casa Galimberti and Casa Guazzoni continuing our walk in Via Pisacane, also known as “The Liberty Street”. Casa 770 is our following stop, in Via Poerio.  Its façade is definitely unusual, realized after other identical houses present all over the world.

From here we’ll enter the “Silence District”, a small oasis with buildings absolutely deserving a pic (Casa Berri Meregalli, Villa Necchi Campiglio and Palazzo Fidia, to mention only the most famous ones) and will see pink flamingoes in Villa Invernizzi’s garden, a must see for those walking around. Last but not least, we should absolutely take a group picture in front of Cà dell’Oreggia, where the sculpture of a ear served once as the building’s bell.

Walking across Piazza Duse we’ll reach the monumental Arch by Portaluppi through which we get to via Palestro and from there to Giardini Indro Montanelli, where the Planetarium is definitely worth a visit. Our tour will end up in the wonderful gardens of Villa Reale where you can see the Sette Savi sculptures by Fausto Melotti, in front of GAM, another must be photographed gem.

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Isola District between streetart and Renaissance frescoes with Giulia – powered by Wonderway

MEETING POINT: at 15.00 – in front of Bosco Verticale (Vertical Wood)

imageFrom Bosco Verticale we’ll be walking towards Casa della Memoria, recently opened to the public and to go on “speaking green”, we’ll be visiting Via Pepe’s urban garden and from there climbing up Garibaldi station’s bridge and see its streetart works.

This is Isola district, a lively area rich in architectural details showing different historical periods at a glance. We’ll show you Frida, the first pub opened in this area and we’ll discover a cute square that streetart lovers should not miss.

We’ll find non authentic gothic remains, some liberty details, an extremely rich balcony and after that on our way we’ll reach Chiesa di Santa Maria alla Fontana whose Renaissance cloister is absolutely wonderful.

On our return way we’ll go through Farini area, meeting the ancient customs still plenty of remainings, some of which dating back to the 30s.

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From Duomo (the Cathedral) arriving to Cordusio Square for the IgersAwards ceremony with Enrico – powered by Guide Me Right

MEETING POINT: at 17:00 – in front of the Cathedral main entrance

“From the Cathedral to Piazza Cordusio, greeting Leonardo and Manzoni”

imageLet’s meet at the entrance of our Cathedral, and after a quick chat on its façade, we’ll move inside to see San Bartolomeo statue, inspired by Leonardo. The statue is in the free access area reserved to the believers and represents the saint we can find in Roman Cappella Sistina within the Great Flood, whose face is believed to be Michelangelo’s self-portrait. Out of the Cathedral, our walk will take us to Piazza Liberty and proceed to Palazzo Omenoni, passing by “Manzoni” to reach the Counter-Reformation Church of San Fedele and from there Piazza della Scala where Palazzo Marino stands out, in front of Leonardo and his disciple’s statue.

We retrace our steps and take a tour of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, cross piazza Duomo dodging pigeons, tourists and street vendors and reach Museo del Novecento. Now it is finally time we take you to the Milan Renaissance jewel: S. Satiro. This church is emblematic of the soul of the city of Milan: in fact, while looking out on Via Torino, one of the busiest shopping streets in Milan, it manages to keep its discreet and even hidden spirit. It’s a pity so few know about this Church. 
Once out of it, let’s get lost in the alleys of the center, visiting San Sepolcro (the old center of Milan, according to Leonardo) Palazzo Borromeo, Milan Stock Exchange square. And now, last but not least, we would take you to Pasticceria Marchesi, basically for two reasons: first, because it is an historical shop in Milan, and secondly because it is adjacent to Via Brisa, which houses the ruins of the Royal Palace dating back to the Imperial Roman period.

To end our journey we could not miss a visit to S. Maurizio, also known as Milan Sistine Chapel, whose bell tower was made adapting an ancient Roman remaining. Last stop in Piazza Mercanti to admire Palazzo della Ragione and see traces of the legendary founding of Milan and after that, we reach Piazza Cordusio.

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