Triennale, Viale Alemagna, 6 (MM1 MM2 Cadorna)

Naviglio Pavese (from MM1 / MM3 Duomo get tram 3, direction Gratosoglio to Piazza XXIV Maggio, then walk 300 metres)

Parco Sempione (behind the Sforza Castle, you can access it either by the Filarete Tower, in Largo Cairoli -MM1 Cairoli Castello- or through Casa Instagram)

Museo del Fumetto (Cartoons Museum), Viale Campania 12  (tram 27, bus 73)

Categories: StreetArt
Hashtag: #streetart

Photo tips

  • you can find Pao’s super famous penguins and other subjects in Museo del Fumetto’s courtyard
  • other graffitis from Pao were spotted in the Isola district
  • you can find Urbansolid’s cupcakes in Parco Sempione, Naviglio Pavese and around the city

Get inspired, they’re on Instagram: @paopao1977 and @urbansolid

More info

Panettone is the typical Milanese dessert at Christmas.

Its shape is easily recognizable (see our artwork) and so iconic that in the 80s designer Enzo Mari got inspired by a panettone while designing one of the most effective traffic bumps in town, which was therefore named after the famous dessert.

Cement “panettoni” in Milan then inspired Pao, a famous Italian writer, who 10 years ago started painting these traffic bumps transforming them into funny penguins, small monsters, robots etc.

More recently also the duo Urbansolid got inspired by these cement “panettoni”, transforming them into ice-creams and cup cakes looking so real that you’d want to bite them.

Both Pao and Urbansolid play with colours to make the city less grey. Ready to find thesse graffitis and instagram them around Milan?



Official website: PAO

Official website: UrbanSolid


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