Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione

Piazza del Cannone
MM1 Cairoli Castello, then enter the Castle via the Filarete Tower and find the park right behind the Castle.

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Photo tips

  • There’s a lake in the park which can inspire your #wicked_flip series
  • The bridge can also be a source for inspiration
  • Perfect for street photographers
  • Every monument in the park deserves a picture

More info

Parco Sempione is a large city park established in 1888. It has an overall area of 386,000 m², and it is located in the historic centre of the city.  Within its area you can find some of the most important buildings in town: Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle), Arco della Pace, “Palace of Art” (aka Palazzo della Triennale, where Casa Instagram is located), Torre Branca (Branca Tower), The Aquarium, The Arena Civica and the Biblioteca Civica al Parco, a public library built in 1954 during the 10th Triennale exhibition whose decorations were made by Bruno Munari.

In the park there’s also a small lake and a romantic bridge called “Ponte delle Sirenette” (Mermaid Bridge, with 4 mermaid statues known as the Ghislini Sisters). This bridge arrived here in 1930, moved from its original position on Naviglio della Martesana (Martesana Canal).

Do you know what “The Telescope” (il Cannocchiale) is in Milan? It’s the special perspective you obtain by watching through Arco della Pace towards the Sforza Castle across the whole park. What you see is the Filarete Tower sqared within the Arch in all its beauty.



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