Piazza degli Affari

Piazza degli Affari

Piazza degli Affari

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  • Cattelan’s sculpture

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The Italian Stock Exchange, founded in 1808, is situated in Piazza Affari, synonimous with Italian and milanese economy. Its first seat was “Palazzo dei Giureconsulti” in via Meravigli, a beautiful palace similar to Ferrara’s Palazzo dei Diamanti.

When the Stock Exchange was moved to Palazzo Mezzanotte, named after its designer,  people began to call this square “Piazza Affari”.

In 2010 artist Maurizio Cattelan realized  “L.O.V.E.”, a 11 meters high sculpture, which represents a risen middle finger and probably means disrespect for the finance.


Wikipedia: Piazza degli Affari


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