Pinacoteca/Accademia di Brera

Pinacoteca/Accademia di Brera

Via Brera, 28

MM2 Lanza, then walk 390 metres

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Photo tips

  • the courtyard
  • the library

More info

This important cultural center became a university under the direction of the Jesuits.

The entry courtyard of the building was designed by architect Giuseppe Piermarini and around it the Brera Academy and the Art Gallery and Library are enliven by students and tourists always going around.

The whole complex is guarded by a bronze statue representing emperor Napoleon featuring God Mars as a peacemaker. The statue was fused in Rome in 1859 following Antonio Canova’s model.

Take some time to stroll under the lodge and don’t forget to visit the two lovers, portrayed by Hazez in the famous painting “The kiss”, inside the art gallery.

Art Gallery open Tue-Sun 8:30 am – 7:15 pm (ticket office closes at 6:40 pm). Tickets cost € 10,00 (full price) and € 7,00 (reduced price)


Wikipedia: Brera Academy 


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