Ponte delle Gabelle

Ponte delle Gabelle

Via San Marco 45

MM2 Moscova

bus 43, 61

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Photo tips

  • the garden below Via San Marco in the old riverbed of the canal
  • the old Milan atmosphere

More info

Once upon a time an old canal used to connect Milan to the Adda river. It was an important junction between the Navigli net and the Martesana canal. This was the so called “Milan of the rivers” which disappeared once Milan became a reclaimed land.

Can you imagine how fascinating it could be?

If you want to feel such atmosphere, you can reach via San Marco and see the remainings of such an ancient canals network, with big wooden gates used to stop the water, designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

This is where people used to pay a fee to enter the city. Milanese people named this sluice “Ponte delle Gabelle” as Gabella is an Italian word for “tax”.

The area is surrounded by a surreal context: a little artistic piazza, a garden in bloom and the Unicredit Tower in the background.


Wikipedia: Ponte delle Gabelle


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