Colonne di San Lorenzo

Colonne di San Lorenzo

Corso di Porta Ticinese
MM1 Duomo
Walk to via Torino and take either tram line 14 or 2 to Largo Carrobbio (1 stop), then walk 100 mt

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Photo tips

  • View from Piazza della Vetra,
  • The row of columns
  • Playing with perspectives
  • Playing with shadows/people going by
  • Using black and white
  • Perfect for street photographers
  • Perfect hashtags: #perspective, #churchesofitaly, #churchesoftheworld, #churchesofinstagram

WARNING: in Italy taking pics inside churches and museums is often prohibited

More info

The Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore suffered from several damages due to earthquakes, sudden collapses and World War bombings. Completely restored, it stands in the so called “Parco delle Basiliche”, together with Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio.

You can benefit from an excellent view of the complex when in the Park, accessible from Piazza della Vetra, right behind this Basilica.
But the most impressive thing of this site is the square in front of the basilica itself, featuring the so-called “Colonne di San Lorenzo” (Columns of St. Lawrence), one of the few remains of the Roman “Mediolanum”.

In the 4th century, the columns were moved here, after removal from a likely 2nd century pagan temple or public bath house structure. Today they’re 16 corinthian columns in a row.
South of the columns, there’s one of Milan’s medieval gates still maintaining some Roman marble decorations in place: it’s known as “La Pustèrla”, that is “the small door”.


Wikipedia: Basilica di San Lorenzo  and  Colonne_di_San_Lorenzo


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