Santa Maria alla Fontana

Santa Maria alla Fontana

Piazza Santa Maria alla Fontana, 11
MM2 MM5 Zara, then walk 520 metres

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  • the Renaissance cloister is a gentle and very well preserved gem

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Need a miracle?

The church of Santa Maria alla Fontana is believed to be the right place to visit for such a need. According to tradition, in fact, even Charles II d’Amboise, Milan’s French governor at the beginning of the 16th century, drank from this source and healed, wanting therefore a church to be built upon the source itself.

You can access the miracle water fountain by paying a 1,50€ ticket, getting your plastic glass and drinking. Believe it or not, entering the area of the pool is definitely worth a visit, both for the fountain itself, with 11 brass spouts from which today’s civic aqueduct water flows and, most of all, for the beautifully frescoed Renaissance cloister.

Built in 1508, this Church was traditionally attributed either to Leonardo da Vinci, Bramante or Cristoforo Solari (under the commission of Charles II d’Amboise): a document found in 1982, however, revealed that it was designed by Giovanni Antonio Amadeo.



Wikipedia: Santa Maria alla Fontana


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