Stazione Centrale

Stazione Centrale

Piazza Duca d’Aosta
MM2 Centrale
MM3 Centrale

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Photo tips

  • people going around
  • the vaults of the gates
  • the façade
  • perfect for Street photographers

More info

The Central Railway Station is a 20th Century building hiding two unexpected precious gems. One is the Royal Pavilion, that is the area where the Italian Royal family used to wait for the train, and the Shoah Memorial. You can access to both of them from Platform 21, from which deported people left during World War II aboard a freight car. A perfect reproduction of it is accessible today at the platform.

Platform 21 is open on Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Please note: today a gate has been put in place and access to the platforms is permitted only to passengers owning a ticket, but you can possibly choose to have a coffee at the Sky Lounge Bar whose terrace offers a nice view on the platforms.



Wikipedia: Milano_Centrale


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