Torre Velasca (Velasca Tower)

Torre Velasca (Velasca Tower)

Piazza Velasca 5
MM3 Missori

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Photo tips

  • the building itself
  • (sometimets) the contrast against the blue sky

More info

The Velasca Tower, designed in 1958 by BBPR studio, was one of the first skyscrapers in Milan and it’s one of the finest symbols of the City (check it out in our artwork!). It was built in 292 days, a real record for that time. According to designers,  its shape was meant to be a modern mention to Castello Sforzesco’s Filarete Tower.

The result is a building shaped as a mushroom, emphasized by many side beams which also explain the reason why Milan citizens use to call it “the skyscraper with suspenders”.
The Velasca Tower is a private building, appointed for offices and residences.
Access is reserved.


Wikipedia: Torre Velasca



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