Vicolo dei Lavandai e Navigli

Vicolo dei Lavandai e Navigli

Vicolo Lavandai

MM2 Porta Genova

Tram 2 (Porta Genova M2 stop)

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Photo tips

  • the wooden washtubs line
  • people striding by

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Did you know that in the Nineteenth Century milanese men used to do the laundry?

Families who could afford it, used to ask the “brotherhood of washermen” association to wash their dirty clothes.

In this corner of the Navigli district, near Porta Ticinese, you can feel the past atmosphere as the old washtubs are still there, under a wooden roof, used by women in more recent times until the 50’s.

The small restaurant next to the old washtubs was a grocer’s shop selling brushes, soap and bleach.


Official Milano tourist office: Vicolo dei Lavandai


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