Villa Reale and its garden

Villa Reale and its garden

Via Palestro 16
MM1 Palestro

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  • the Villa seen from the park

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The plaque at the entrance of the park clearly states that you can enter only if you’re younger than 12 years old. Otherwise you have to be accompanied by a child. Pretend not to see the plate and try to enter the beautiful via Palestro Gardens, designed at the end of the 18th Century according to the typical “British garden” by Wien architect Leopold Polak on assignement for the earl Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso. You’ll have the chance to walk amongst big trees, by the lake with a small classic temple, several statues and false ruins. An unmissable and out of time panorama.

These gardens belong to Villa Reale, a wonderful villa chosen by Napoleone Bonaparte as his milanese residence which now hosts GAM, Modern Art Gallery, next to which you can find PAC (Contemporary Art Pavillion) which regularly hosts contemporary exhibition.



Official sites: GAM and PAC


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